Delia Wilson Johnson

Delia Wilson-Johnson

Delia Wilson-Johnson

Tom Blumenthal, President and CEO of GEARYS Beverly Hills, shares a journey of faith and philanthropy. A convert to Catholicism 15 years ago, he steers GEARYS, the iconic family business, and serves on numerous boards, including his role as past chair of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce. Tom is humble and proud to serve as chairman of the Board of Trustees at Mount St. Mary’s University, along with other non-profits. His profound faith transformation aligns with his commitment to supporting various communities throughout the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

A Compton resident and parishioner at St. Lawrence of Brindisi Church in Watts, Delia has been an influential voice and inspirational example of compassion, prayer, and change in South Los Angeles for decades. Her knowledge and expertise have benefited numerous outreach programs of the Archdiocese’s Office of Life, Justice, and Peace.  

Delia is a member of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Knights of Peter Claver, which focuses on portraying higher principles of Christian womanhood and promoting friendship, unity, and Christian charity.  

Her most rewarding role these days is facilitating the Order of Christian Initiation of Adults: “Every conversation I have with those in formation helps me grow in my faith.” Delia recalls an instructor telling the group they could always find themselves somewhere in the bible. She said her walking partner — a Baptist minister — told her the same thing. Then she happened onto Isaiah 54, the story about a barren woman opening her tent, strengthening her stakes, and singing for joy. “It was so true,” she reflects. “I may have never had children, but I’ve had so many children in my life. The reality of being childless means you can always stretch your arms and look for more.”

Delia has been able to raise voices through her involvement in the Archdiocese’s African American Catholic Center for Evangelization. The center’s director, Anderson Shaw, who has known Delia for 20 years and is a 2018 Cardinal’s Award recipient, says, “She may be someone who sees a large group of 25 people onboard with something, but she becomes more focused on the two who might not be, and as a result, she wants to get everyone involved as one. I think that’s where you see Christ in her.”

When the Archdiocese’s Anti-Racism Task Force was launched in 2021, Delia was recruited by Msgr. Tim Dyer, pastor at St. Patrick Catholic Church near South Central LA. “I’ve come to see how much her faith is propelling her,” says Msgr. Dyer. “She’s a powerhouse in the prayer department.”

Bishop Matthew Elshoff, former pastor at St. Lawrence of Brindisi, sees Delia as a force of nature. “She proclaims the word ‘evangelization’ with an exclamation point,” says Bishop Elshoff. “On top of that is an incredible faith where she will always assure people the Holy Spirit is present and will help. That is wonderfully charismatic and shows the power of the Holy Spirit in incredibly dynamic ways.”