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Honorees | Cardinal's Awards Dinner

Take a look at what has been accomplished with your support.

Pope Francis said, "To change the world, we must be good to those who cannot repay us." Watch how your generosity has helped those in need.

Relive the excitement by viewing these highlights from the night.

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We are proud to present our 2020 Honorees for this year's Cardinal's Award.

Mollie Baumer’s family seems to expand by the number of projects she becomes immersed in.

A bond with husband John and children Maxwell, Delaney and Jack Henry is strengthened through a faith life at American Martyrs Catholic Church in Manhattan Beach. But outreach with the church’s sister parish at St. Lawrence of Brindisi in Watts has allowed her to pay things forward.

Growing up in the St. John Fisher parish in Palos Verdes, as the third of six children, Mollie saw the power of giving back

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Growing up as the oldest of three sisters, Michelle Chandler laughs when she says that “for better or worse, it’s the oldest one who becomes a teacher.”
She majored in English and minored in Spanish at USC, and received a Master in education from UC Santa Barbara, leading to a job as a high school English teacher for five years. She then began work on creating curriculum for teachers to use in the age of Internet instruction.

“I was, in all sense of the world, doing everything well,”

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Michael Scott Feeley has mastered the art of linking community-driven service with a devotion to global community.

Many aspects of his life for the last 30 years in Los Angeles, with wife Janet and in raising their sons Declan and Brogan, have involved a faith journey at St. Paul the Apostle in Westwood. A law partner with Latham & Watkins LLP, he has served on the board of the Catholic Schools Collaborative (which fosters holistic communities in

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Carlos Herrera’s actions speak much more powerfully and profoundly than whatever humble words he may choose.

In the 26 years since he founded Interior Removal Services Inc., word has gotten out about his enormous heart. Heading a company that specializes in commercial business demolition with 240 co-workers Herrera’s personal mission guided by his Catholic compass extends beyond finding value in things a building tenant has left behind. In the essence of taking care of God’s creation, he has often found someone else in need who values it even more.

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Shaped by a Midwest faith-based work ethic of persistence and determination, Dan Schwala has seen how the patient investment of time, talent and treasure into anything he’s been a part of has often paid off with blessed dividends.

It may start with his professional career as an investment advisor with Morgan Stanley , which sees him up at 3:30 a.m. and at the office before sunrise working for his clients. Add to that his personal and spiritual devotion to his ministerial involvement at his home parish of St. Monica, the outreach of St. Joseph Center in Venice and the Good

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In just over four years as president and chief executive officer at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Paul Viviano has focused on expanding services to provide compassionate, world-class clinical care to more children in alignment with organization’s mission, vision and values.

You can find one example just around the corner from his office.

In January 2016, the Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Foundation Interfaith Center opened at the hospital, with

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Kathleen Hannon Aikenhead
Christopher Alders
Leo Lagasse, M.D.
Virginia Schneider
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H. Richard Closson †
Antoinette Hodgkiss
Dorothy King
Gary Krauss
Reverend Robert B. Lawton, S.J.

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Fe Israel Benito
Richard C. Dunn †
Anita Finie
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Dr. Steven B. Sample †

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Deacon Hosea Alexander
Mary Pat Cooper
Fran Curry †
Dr. Clyde V. Von der Ahe †
William M. Wardlaw

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David Frelinger, M.D. †
June Gleason
Stanley Hayden †
Joan Payden
Reverend Monsignor John Sheridan †

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Robert H. Ahmanson †
Kathleen Leavey McCarthy
Sister Cecilia Louise Moore, C. S. J. †
John O’Keefe
Edward Rose

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William M. Close
Richard A. Grant, Jr.
Barbara Hudson
Mary Ann McEveety
Reynaldo Rojo
John F. Watkins

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Vivian Burgess
Edward Illig
Thomas Laubacher, Sr. †
Sister Mary Jean Meier, R.S.M. †
Hilmar Rosenast

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Joseph Campanella
Iva May Carrico †
Brother Patrick Corr, O.H.
Robert F. Erburu †
Margaret Jagels †

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Deacon Frank Dieter †
Mary Dohn †
Stafford Grady †
Edith Piczek
Isabel Piczek †

1999 Honorees

Stan Chambers †
William H. Edwards †
Irene R. Elshoff
Norma L. Gonzales
William S. Mortensen

1998 Honorees

Albert J. Centofante †
Veronica H. Dysart
Marie C. Poyer †
Robert A. Smith, III
Lew R. Wasserman †

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Sister Eileen Doherty, I.H.M. †
Sister Edna Doherty, I.H.M. †
Sister Michael Doherty, I.H.M. †
Helen M. Guho
William C. Rivera
Paul F. Salamunovich †
Most Reverend John J. Ward, D.D. †

1996 Honorees

Robert T. Campion †
Frances S. Morehart
Josephine Wayne Nigg †
John F. Shea
Roger M. Sullivan

1995 Honorees

Stephen D. Gavin †
Gloria N. Griffin
Ivan Houston
William T. Huston †
Gertrude M. Roberts †

1994 Honorees

William H. Hannon †
Justice Mildred L. Lillie †
Kenneth O. Olsen
Grace M. Rinaldi

1993 Honorees

Alphonse J. Antczak*
Charles F. Bannan*
Rev. Newman C. Eberhardt, C. M. †
Peggy J. Ferry †
Anne D. Kenney †

1992 Honorees

Dolores D. Hope †
Gerald J. Lynch †
Margaret E. Rendler †
Wilfred L. Von der Ahe †

1991 Honorees

Thomas P. Pike †
Robert A. Smith, Jr. †
Helen H. Walsh †

1990 Honorees

Sir Daniel J. Donohue †
Marian Hancock †
William R. Hayden †
Dorothy Leavey †
Cyril C. Nigg †

† Deceased