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Michael Feeley

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Michael Feeley is the first spouse of a past honoree to be chosen to receive this award. Michael noted that Janet was honored in 2014. “As usual, I’m always several years behind my wife.” Archbishop Gomez selected him as he has spent 30 years of amazing service to the local and global Catholic community.

His involvement in his faith is demonstrable by any standard. His volunteer success is in part due to his work as a law partner with Latham & Watkins. His focus is all about community; every aspect of every community. His talents and skills have brought measurable good to the California Patrons of the Vatican Arts, the Catholic Schools Collaborative, Order of Malta, L.A. Cathedral Finance Council, Loyola and Verbum Dei High School and St. Anne’s, just to name a few.

He ends a five-year term as the head of the Western Lieutenancy of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. The skills that he employed throughout his service within the Archdiocese, are same skills he shared for the benefit of the people of the Holy Land. He believes that the EOHJS experience, “reinforced how we can live in community here with a view to a higher unification with the church around the world.”