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Dan Schwala

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If you a looking for a true disciple of Jesus, look no further than Dan Schwala.
A remote dairy farm in Wisconsin taught him perseverance, a true faith-based work ethic of determination shaped his life. His ability to stay focused comes from time spent at West Point.

While he had a strong sense of the Catholicism, it was reawakened when he joined his wife Denise at RCIA classes. Together they embraced Dan’s priority projects which begin with St. John’s Seminary. “The church evangelization efforts are profoundly important to us.” To that end, Dan is immersed as the president of the board of directors St. Johns. As such he has taken their annual gala from about 400 guests to over 1,000 in just a few years. His other predilection is working for St. Joseph Center Voice of Hope. And, for over a decade, he has been an anchor for the Cardinal’s Awards Dinner. His steadfast dedication has engaged many. Dan, “it is always been a blessing to be part of something bigger than yourself.”