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Carlos Herrera

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How many men have you met that built a church in honor of their mother? Carlos is on such man. His devotion to his mother, his family and to giving back to his work and faith community are the hallmarks of his humble man’s life. Simply put, he is amazing. His migrant family worked in many places; his loving mother gave he and his siblings love and faith while living amongst gang influences in the margins in downtown L.A.

From there he drew on the determination his mother instilled. He created Interior Removal Specialist, Inc., a company that repurposes and recycles a profound amount of reusable materials many of which are donated to those in need. He employs those with poor life histories which reconnects him to his roots. He has a passion for non-profits that serve the marginalized. Homeboy, Dolores Mission, Good Shephard Center, all benefit from Carlos’ vision and humility. He see the good in everyone and everything. “I’ve seen how recycling brings a community together, Carlos says. “It’s God’s work in rebuilding.” Isn’t God rebuilding all of us, daily?