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Blessed Sacrament School, Hollywood

Just think what it would we like to attend weekly Mass with no place to sit… be either incredibly hot or miserably chilled… Blessed Sacrament School is located in Hollywood, just a short distance from Wolfgang Puck’s Grand Ballroom where … Continue reading

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John McGuire

Jack’s life could be called serendipitous. From college to today, his guardian angel surely has directed him to the right place at the right time. He has multiplied his good fortune by sharing with others. He is a cantor, candid, … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Fan

Elizabeth Fan is a member of the Diamond Bar parish, St. Denis and is their “go-to-person” extraordinaire!  The Walnut School district has recognized her gifts. Her children emulate her sense of volunteerism and her husband supports her every task. Liz … Continue reading

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Jacqueline Powers Doud

Ms. Doud readily acknowledges her addiction to being a “higher education junkie!”  Such is her love and devotion to college administration, a devotion that has benefitted thousands of Southern California students, faculty and families alike.  As the first lay President … Continue reading

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Noel Diaz

Mr. Diaz immigrated to the United States from Tijuana, seeking the American dream—to be educated and to work. Noel is the founder of El Sembrador, a grassroots Catholic evangelical ministry that has grown from a living room get-together to 12,000 … Continue reading

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Louis Carnevale

Mr. Carnevale and his retired business partner Ed Lohr have, since the inception of their business in 1958, mutually agreed to serve the needs of the churches of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles by giving their creative time and talent … Continue reading

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