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Sagrado Corazon y Santa Maria de Guadalupe, Cudahy

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On October 12, 2011, the people of Sagrado Corazon welcomed Archbishop José H. Gomez, the 2012 Cardinal’s Awards Honorees, the Awards Committee and many of the past honorees for a beautiful Mass and Luncheon.

Cudahy is a small city located in the middle of southeast Los Angeles. The city of Cudahy is only a mile long, and its population is around 25,000. Sagrado Corazon has 1,100 registered families.

The parish’s history began when Msgr. Gomez, former pastor of St. Gertrude, would celebrate Mass for the faithful of Cudahy in different areas of Cudahy such as: The patio next to the old DMV offices on Florence Ave., classrooms of Elizabeth Learning Center, the City Hall of Cudahy, and other places where Monsignor was allowed to celebrate Mass. This was the Parish’s “early years.” The first Bishop of the San Pedro Region, Most Reverend Carl Fisher became aware that the Methodist Community in Cudahy was selling a property. The Archdiocese purchased the property and turned it into Cudahy Roman Catholic Mission. At last, the faithful had a stable place to meet, pray, worship, and receive Sacraments; a place to celebrate their faith. At first, the space for 150 in the small chapel
seemed fine, but the reality was a wonderful overflow of parishioners that couldn’t fit and an open area was adapted to worship on the weekends. This open church space is called the “annex.”

Since the beginning of the parish’s dream to build a new church, the parish finance and construction committees came up with several fundraising activities such as: the first fundraising campaign, two annual fiestas, weekly breakfast sales, Valentine’s Day Dance, Father’s Day Dance, a permanent second collection, and many tamale sales. Despite all these efforts, the parish still needs more help! Sagrado Corazon has been working very hard during the last 12 years to raise funds – to accomplish our goal – and they are about $1.5 million away. We are knocking on the doors to your heart; we need your prayers, your generosity, and your talents.

Sagrado needed our generosity of spirit and financial support. Proceeds from the 2012 Awards Dinner will added significantly to the precious dollars the parish has raised… maybe, just maybe, the angels of the Archdiocese will say, “if you build it, they will come.” And, now, in 2020 they did and the sweet people of Sagrado have their church. It takes a village, right?