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Archbishop Gomez, in this Year of Faith, has placed a special emphasis on encouraging vocations. In response, donations to the 2013 Cardinal’s Awards will be allocated to Juan Diego House in Gardena, a home of formation for college-age seminarians. The men who come to Juan Diego House aspire to become diocesan priests. Residents take general education classes at El Camino Community College, then earn their B.A. in Philosophy at Cal State Dominguez Hills. Pastoral formation takes place on the weekends at their home parishes, to help them better understand the role of priest in serving God’s people.

Right now their residential space is extremely limited, consisting of an old convent and a few small residences which they rent within a two-block radius. Living quarters are cramped, but clean. Juan Diego House director, Father Jim Anguiano, lives with the fear of having to turn a prospective seminarian away due to lack of funding, and limited living space.

Although costs are modest—tuition, fees, room and board run about $18,000 per year for each seminarian—as we all know, tuition is on the rise.

The Archbishop has set vocations as his top priority, along with the Catholic education of our youth. The Cardinal’s Awards Committee is committed to helping educate the young men who will be our pastors in the future. You can help.