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Bob resides in Ventura with his wife Patty. They are long-time members of Our Lady of the Assumption Parish.
Professionally, Bob’s career includes several important positions with Lockheed, being the Chief Operating Office for Lockheed Federal Credit Union, Vice-President of Finance and Contracts to note a few. Bob graduated Magna Cum Laude from Boston College and he holds a B.S. degree in economics, an M.B.A. in Finance from USC. Bob is a member of Legatus, the Order of Malta and is a Knight of Magistral Grace.

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Teresa and her husband Anthony reside in Pasadena and are long-time members of St. Felicitas and Perpetua Parish in San Marino. They have four children and fourteen grandchildren. Terry’s parent volunteer years were spent at both Mayfield Junior and Senior Schools and Loyola High School – she has held many leadership positions and continues to be involved. Christ Child Society of Pasadena and the National Christ Child Board have been beneficiaries of her leadership skills and enthusiasm as she has done a myriad of jobs within this important organization.

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Charlie and his wife, Nicole, reside on the Westside and are members of St. Paul the Apostle Parish. They have five sons, two at Loyola High School and three at St. Paul the Apostle school. Their first born son, Aidan, passed away prior to his sixth birthday, and in memory of their son, Charlie and Nicole were the driving force in building Aidan’s Place, a handicap-accessible playground located in West LA. The park opened on December 5, 2001, and continues to be one of the most visited parks in Los Angeles County for children of all abilities.

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Lydia resides in Pico Rivera with her husband Mike and they are members of St. Hilary Parish……Those who know Lydia wonder when she sleeps! She does that much work for the Church, specifically as Director of the Mission Office and Adopt-A-Family! Her organizational skills transcend most and her ability to reach out to those in need is a huge priority in her day. This kind and loving woman came to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles several decades ago and has been a vital part in the Mission Office. After a long day of regular work, Lydia moves to her second “volunteer job”

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Sister had the vision for Meals on Wheels! “In the beginning, it was just us and a few pots of stew. But the response was tremendous, and it became impossible to ignore the great need in the community. Over the years it became so much more than plates of food; it became friendship, family and nourishment for the soul.” – Sister Alice Marie

Prior to founding St. Vincent Meals on Wheels, Sister worked with the St. Vincent Medical Center as assistant director of its dietary department.

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